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Seriously, that promo! Season 4 is trying to kill me before it's even arrived. Anyway, few points:

Big YES to Trevino's face, I'm starting to think he might actually pull off Klaus being inside him *dirty*

Jeremy's "fangs come on yet?". YES JEREMY, rub it in. Where is your dog?

Damon's hair doesn't look as mullet-y as it did in season 3. Maybe they're finally letting him do his own hair?


The Priest, really Vampire Diaries? I hope he's gonna try and exorcise the vampirism out of Mystic Falls, I really do. And let the Hot Cop Dude stay.

Stefan's "NO" just might become my new ring tone. Or maybe it works better as the alarm clock sound.


Damon is NOT supposed to sit calmly in the corner and to be the sensible, reasonable one. He's supposed to dance naked to Depeche Mode. ALL THE TIME. Preferably with Rebekah, but I'm not picky.

And no Stefan, really? "I'm here for you"? Sure NOW you're here for her, and then when she transitions you're gonna let someone stake her because you'll be respecting her decision to YAWN. Elena/Hot Cop Dude is my new ship. I'm telling you. Damon should hook up with Rebekah again and Stefan should just go back to Klaus and their bromance. No more Salvatores for the poor girl.

Seriously though, the promo hurts in all the good ways.
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Weirdest of days

Except for the fact that I've fallen down the stairs without hurting myself, and that the bees are constantly falling into my room, I also decided to visit this almost dead journal. And guess what? For the first time in my whole blogging career I've had messages. And not two or three. Fifteen. That's right.
That seems way to creepy. But the only question I really want to ask is - why the hell did you think that I can speak Russian?

(if it's not Russian, but Ukrainian or other language I don't know, forgive me) - But the question remains.
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Happy Cravings Day One

Starting with a horrible headache, moving onto a horrible everythingache I go through the day. I have a problem. I'm admiting it, and now I need to get a beer. Or anything. My skin hurts. And I'm going friendless. I just feel crabby today, not that anyone cares. Yay for me.
You know that feeling of shutting yourself off for some amount of time? When everything you experience feels unreal, as if you're not taking part in it? That's my life.
And I've lost my cell. And my brain cells, apparently.
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Hi LJ,
you have the most ugliest (that's right, both most and ugliest) layouts ever. Really. You will now go to your room and, for the rest of the day, think of what you've done. When you're ready to apologize, you may come downstairs and do so.
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Haven't been here for a while.
Anyway, LJ greeted me today with a question: If the world was actually going to end on December 21, 2012, how would you spend the last of your days on earth and why?
Man, if the world does end on December 21 that will be kind of awesome, cause I'd never turn 23.
Impending doom ftw, go unite december-borns, let's be young forever ^^
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Too lazy to think of a title.

Motivation, motivation. Motivation is the key to be, erm, motivated. That’s good enough for me, because today is the day when my motivation has moved out, and I’ve been laying around since six in the morning, depressing over inability to get motivated and stay that way. Wow, That was one fucked up sentence.

Moving on, there is so much I want to do, either today or in close future, and whenever I think about  it I get all nice and squishy inside. You know the feeling. And then I do nothing and hate myself for it, because I realize I could’ve done at least half the things I wanted in the time I was thinking of doing something else. Right. I think way too much, my thinking overwhelms me. I need a brain transplant.

It gets worse. I have many ideas, Really, a lot of ideas, for everything I do in life. I think of this amazing song I could play on my guitar, of lyrics, poems or stories I’d like to write, of drawings I could finish or pictures I could take. And then I don’t do any of this, and after a while I forget what got me so elated. Brain transplant once again.

Okay, I feel a bit better now. Cause I’ve been thinking about getting up and writing a note for few hours. Seeing as I just did, there is still hope. I’m in the work in progress phase, hopefully I won’t get stuck here.

The best of luck to me, seems like I’ve eaten something bad, I’m going to throw up now, thankyouverymuch.

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Go, go Power Rangers...

So, I’ve decided to be a bitch, and the result is sitting, standing, hanging and rolling around right here. That’s right, every single entry has been deleted. <insert evil laugh here>

This step itself isn’t as huge as it may seem, truth to be told, there wasn’t anything even remotely important here.
Anyway, where did it all come from, you ask? I was sitting on my ass all day and my brain, bored by the lack of activity, moved around a little and then started thinking. I had no part in this process, mind you. So, the brain thought: considering we’re starting a new chapter in life, and our previous existence has come crashing down, maybe we should just erase past experiences and get a clean start?

I agreed with my oh-so-smart organ, and that’s exactly why we’re here, writing this note being the geeks we are, and somebody please check my brain for damage, even though I’m afraid it might be already too late.

Did it rhyme? Random rhymes ftw ^^

Oh yeah, I also deleted my contacts, because I’m stupid like that.